0.15.0 🌑️ More temperatures and fixes


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πŸ’£ Known issues

  • Updating to this version might disable your current temperature sensors and create the new ones. In this case, please remove the old entities, enable the new ones and assign them entity_id's as before.

πŸ”’ Requirements

  • Minimum Home Assistant version bumped to 2022.11.0

πŸš€ New features

  • New guest_id integer attribute added to the device identities (and device_tracker entities), which shows the number of guest WLAN (e.g. 1, 2 or 3 when connected or 0 when not connected to a guest network)
  • Added support for the temperature of 5 GHz-2 and 6 GHz wireless modules (device and firmware dependant)

πŸ› Bug fixes

πŸ’₯ Breaking

  • Deprecated in 0.13.0 entity_id, mac and name parameters of asusrouter.device_internet_access service are removed
  • Migration from versions 0.5.1 and lower is removed - consider the new migration FAQ if you need to update from an older version

πŸ“š Documentation

Documentation webpage

  • Search feature is added to the documentation using the Algolia DocSearch platform
  • Change log is added to the documentation
  • Credits are added to the documentation

πŸ“¦ Dependencies

🐣 GitHub / HACS

  • Update build status badge
  • Update release drafter

πŸ”¨ Other changes

  • integration_type property is added to the manifest (>= 2022.11.0)
  • Switched to UnitOfTemperature enum (>= 2022.11.0)
  • Switched to SourceType enum (>= 2022.9.0)
  • Code improvements