AiMesh support development is currently in progress. Development and debugging requires a compatible device.

AsusRouter vs AsusWRT

This list contain only some of the AsusRouter features. Due to the constant development, the full feature list should be checked here.

  • SSH / telnet
    Device tracking
    • Many device attributes
    • Full list of connected devices (MAC, IP, hostname)
      • `device_trackers`
      • `connected_devices` sensor
      • Traffic and speed for WAN, WLANs, Wired network, USB and more
      • CPU, RAM
      • OpenVPN (client, server)
      • Ports (LAN, WAN)
      • WAN
      • WLAN, guest WLAN
      • Traffic and speed for Linux interface, e.g. `eth0`
      • Load average
      • Temperature
      • Device reboot & restart of router services
      • LED
      • OpenVPN (client, server)
      • WLAN, guest WLAN

          Aura RGB

          Aura RGB support development is currently on hold. Development and debugging requires a compatible device.

          Connected devices

          Hostname / device_tracker name

          The following priority list is used for naming:

          • Friendly name of the device (if set in the router admin panel)
          • Name as reported by the connected device
          • MAC address if neither of the above is known


          LAN / WAN speed sensors become unavailable with time

          This problem is connected to the device HTTP daemon - some API endpoint become unavailable (also from Web UI or official mobile app). This problem can be solved restarting HTTP daemon using the button.{device}_restart_http_daemon from HA.

          • If entities became unavailable when AsusRouter was already running, sensors will recover by themself.
          • If entities were unavailable from the AsusRouter load, you would need to manually reload integration.

          An example automation is available here: link

          Migration from an old version

          Some versions of AsusRouter might implement breaking changes, which will not allow migration from really old versions. In this case, you would need to manually update to a correct version still supporting migration before actually updating to the latest release.

          With the release of AsusRouter 0.15.0, migration from 0.5.1 and earlier has been removed.

          Migration sequences

          • Find the step that contains your AsusRouter version (consider ranges, e.g. 0.14.0 is already included into step with versions [0.6.0 : 0.14.3])
          • Perform all the following steps one by one


          1. Migrate to any in [0.6.0 : 0.14.3]
          2. Migrate to any in [0.15.0 : 0.16.1]
          3. Migrate to any in [0.17.0 : 0.20.0]
          4. Migrate to the latest release


          6 GHz WLANs

          AsusRouter has basic support of 6 GHz networks. Further development and debugging requires a compatible device.


          AsusRouter fully suports 100 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s ethernet ports / speeds.

          2.5 Gb/s ports

          2.5 Gb/s ports / speeds are fully supported by AsusRouter. There are reports from users of using 2.5 Gb/s LAN ports. Reports of using 2.5 Gb/s speeds on WAN ports are not available yet.

          10 Gb/s ports

          10 Gb/s ports / speeds are not yet supported by AsusRouter. Development and debugging requires a compatible device.

          DSL ports

          DSL ports are not yet supported by AsusRouter. Development and debugging requires a compatible device.

          SFP+ ports

          SFP+ ports are not yet supported by AsusRouter. Development and debugging requires a compatible device.



          Firmware version for all the AsusWRT-powered devices consists of 3 parts:

          • major:
            • - all the stable stock builds and all the Merlin.
            • - beta versions of stock builds.
            • Most of Merlin builds (including Gnuton) avoid showing major in the Web UI.
          • minor:
            • a 3-digit value, e.g. 388, 386 etc for stock FW.
            • a double value, combining 3-digit stock minor and a sequence number, separetad with . or _, e.g. 380.70, 386.8 etc.
          • build:
            • a 5-digit value, e.g. 20558.
            • an even sequence number, e.g. 0, 2, 4 etc for Merlin FW.
            • same as Merlin and -gnuton for Gnuton builds.


          • for stock FW.
          • for Merlin FW.
          • for Gnuton Merlin build.

          When the feature will be implemented?

          If some of the features are missing from AsusRouter, this is only because no compatible device is available for development and testing. You can support purchase of a device required via donate on Buy Me a Coffeeopen in new window.