Getting started


  1. An AsusWRT-powered router. Including devices with original (stock) firmware (versions starting with or for stable builds and or for beta builds) as well as with AsusWRT-Merlin FW and its derivatives (e.g. Gnuton builds).
  2. A Home Assistant instance with version 2023.10.0 or higher.


There are two supported ways to install AsusRouter to your HA instance - Home Assistant Community Store (HACS) and manual installation from the latest stable release of the integration GitHub.

Keep in mind, manual installation of development (dev) branch is not and will not be supported!


You can add this repository to your HACS going the following path:

HACS -> Integrations -> Explore & Download Repositories -> AsusRouter


Copy content of the latest stable releaseopen in new window custom_components/asusrouter/ to custom_components/asusrouter/ in your Home Assistant folder.

Initial setup

After AsusRouter is installed, you can add your device from Home Assistant UI.

Open your Home Assistant instance and start setting up a new in new window

Device discovery

You need to specify the device IP address (e.g. or hostname (e.g. as the first step of integration setup. AsusRouter will automatically check whether you device can be reached.


ErrorLog levelDescription
Hostname cannot be resolvedERRORThe hostname cannot be resolved. Use the device IP address


To connect to the device you need to provide the following minimum data:

  • Username (for logging into the Web UI)
  • Password
  • Port (the default value 0 will select either 80 for non-SSL or 8443 for SSL connection)
  • SSL connection (true is recommended)


ErrorLog levelDescription
Connection refusedERRORThe device is refusing connection. Check the logs
Wrong credentialsERRORCheck username and password
Login is blockedERRORToo many attempts with wrong credentials were made. The timeout value is provided in HA log
Error / UnknownERRORRefer to the HA log for details


When the setup is successful, you will be provided with advanced options.