Change Log

This page contains all the changes in the last stable releases, including patch releases x.x.V.

Home Assistant Integration

0.24.0 🌍 VPNs, WANs and stability


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💥 Breaking

  • Implemented changes in wan binary sensor. Refer to the Features section for details

🚀 Features

  • Added support for VPN Fusion (VPN clients, stock FW 388+)
  • Added support for WireGuard (clients + server) (stock and Merlin FW 388+) (report #594open in new window)
  • Added support for OpenVPN (clients + servers) (stock FW 388+) (report #470open in new window)
  • Added support for secondary WAN and changed WAN sensors (report #603open in new window)
    • Binary sensor wan (wan_secondary)
    • Sensors wan_ip and wan_ip_extra (wan_ip_secondary and wan_ip_secondary_extra)
  • Added internet binary sensor to show the general state of the device internet connection (and IP address as an attribute of the sensor)
  • Added dualwan binary sensor
  • Added wan_aggregation binary sensor

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed error in historic data calculation
  • Other minor fixes in data processing
  • Fixed issue with blocked possibility to reload integration
  • Fixed diagnostics module
  • Fixed missing arguments on state setting (report #710open in new window)
  • Fixed network sensors interval
  • Fixed missing values for OpenVPN client
  • Fixed missing temperature sensors
  • Fixed unsafe dictionary operation

📦 Dependencies

🩹 Patches

0.24.1 (2023-11-20)

0.24.2 (2023-11-21)


1.3.0 🔨 More tests and improvements


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🚀 Features

  • Added get_arguments converter
  • Added support for l2pt, pptp and surfshark VPNs as part of vpnc module
  • Added WLAN rename when indeces are not in the expected order (e.g. 6ghz is present, but not 5ghz2)
  • Added AsusBlockAll state for the general internet access block

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Switched to keyword arguments in AsusRouter.keep_state call

🚨 Testing

  • Added tests for:
    • asusrouter.modules.client
    • asusrouter.modules.led
    • asusrouter.modules.openvpn
    • asusrouter.modules.parental_control
    • asusrouter.modules.port_forwarding
    • asusrouter.modules.state
    • asusrouter.modules.system
    • asusrouter.modules.vpnc
    • asusrouter.modules.wireguard
    • asusrouter.modules.wlan

🔨 Other changes

  • Refactored:
    • All the modules listed above in the testing section
    • AsusRouter.async_set_state to use kwargs

📚 Documentation